Gigs, whats happening this week?

This channels a bit noisey

This week……… Nothing but…
MARCH 18th 2022

July gig at Gorse Fest now changed from 17th to 31st thanks to Boris, on stage 19:15

September 4th Vale Park

See you there.

For those asking about the Madison Square Garden Gig, the answers simple, if we sell enough CD’s then we’re playing the gig. Its a numbers thing.

Hopefully soon you can see JunkMale live on Tuesdays at Birkenheads Swinging Arm, thats Rob, Doug, Paul and Terry .

Lots of other talent on display Tuesdays too, so come on down check facebook Swinging Arm Jam Night

We’re looking at finding new venues as a Tuesday nights at the Swinging Arm are still in limbo, Oxton libs has gone, and Birkenhead Cricket club, great venue in the summer, has gone too, let us know if you have any ideas.

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