JunkMale Latest CD

Tomorrow Town  

Fast Forward to a cheap and nasty future where the good old pay day loan shop sits comfortably between the Betting Shop and Bargain Booze

Big Society

Its the coldest winter anyone can remember, and outside a Birmingham Factory a bunch of freezing redundancy victims are waving a large banner bearing the words “Pig Society”.

Falling Down

It’s a break up song.

Into The Light

The Chilean mining disaster that turned into a triumph.

33 men, 69 days.

Next time you despair of humanity remember these guys.

Shiver on the Skin

The Japanese Tsunami.

Sometimes nature reminds us how small we are.

Me and Moon 

A New Year’s Resolution trashed on the very first day.

Love and Hate

It is possible to feel both at the same time…………..tricky.

The Van Man

Revenge is a dish served with Ridicule.

A man, with a Van and a Plan.

South West

A dream of moving to the Cornish Coast………get real!


Some kids spend their entire waking hours in front of a screen full of blood and bullshit, without ever moving.

Be afraid be very afraid!

Star Trek Blues

A night of high adventure spent with the aliens from the local constabulary Starring Mr James Kirkwood (sadly missed)

There are of course some other tracks that didn’t make it on to the CD. Probably because we didn’t…like them/ think they were good enough / they had taken a wrong turn / get them finished in time. These we have decided is what other people call “Bonus Tracks” so pin back yer lug holes there are your bonuses.

The Universe.

Loves too much

Silver Strings

Black and White world

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